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White & Orange Flower Collar

White & Orange Flower Collar

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Introducing our stylish and eco - friendly Upcycled Pet Collars, crafted with love from repurposed old shirts!

These collars embody the perfect blend of sustainability, adorableness, and versatility, making them the ideal accessory for your furry companion, from workday adventures to nights on the town.

Each collar is meticulously handcrafted using high - quality materials sourced from upcycled shirts, reducing waste and supporting a greener planet. By choosing our upcycled collars, you play a significant role in promoting sustainable practices and reducing your pet's carbon pawprint.

Beyond their eco - conscious appeal, our collars are designed to be adorable! With a variety of colors, patterns, and unique details, each collar is a delightful fashion statement for your four - legged friend. Your pet will undoubtedly stand out and receive compliments wherever you go.

Not just limited to casual outings, our collars effortlessly transition from a daytime stroll in the park to a night on the town.

Whether it's a casual playdate or a special occasion, your pet will be dressed to impress, bringing a smile to everyone's face. Choose our Upcycled Pet Collars and embrace sustainability without compromising on style.

Let your furry friend make a positive impact on the environment while looking absolutely charming throughout any adventure. Join us on this eco - friendly journey and let's create a brighter, greener future together!


Crafted from old shirts, they're perfect for workdays or a night out. Embrace eco-friendly pet fashion and reduce your pet's carbon pawprint with each stylish step.

Size Chart

Note: sizes listed below are average neck sizes. Our collar attachments are not intended to go all the way around your pet’s neck.

Chihuahua: 8”-14”
Chinese Crested: 8”-11”
Dachshund Mini: 8”-12”
Greyhound Italian: 8”-11”
Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie: 6”-12”
Yorkshire Terrier Teacup, Yorkie Teacup: 4”-8”

Beagle: 12”-18”
Bichon Frise: 14”-18”
Cairn Terrier: 10”-16”
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: 10”-16”
Dachshund Standard: 12”-16"
Golden Doodle Mini: 14”-16”
Havanese: 8”-14”
Jack Russel Terrier: 10”-14"
Labradoodle Mini: 12”-16”
Maltese: 10”-14”
Maltipoo: 10”-14”
Mini Schnauzer: 10”-16”
Papillon: 8”-12”
Pomeranian: 10”-14”
Poodle Mini: 10”-16”
Poodle Toy: 8”-14”
Shih Tzu: 10”-14”
Silky Terrier: 10”-14”
West Highland Terrier: 14”-16"

Border Collie: 14”-18”
Boston Terrier: 12”-18”
Bulldog French: 12”-16”
Corgi: 14”-16”
Dalmatian: 14”-20”
German Shorthaired Pointer: 15”-17"
Greyhound: 14”-18”
Poodle Standard: 12”-18”
Pug: 12”-16”
Puggle: 12”-18”
Shibu Inu: 14”-17”
Springer Spaniel: 14”-18”
Scottish Terrier: 14”-20”

Afghan Hound: 16”-22”
Australian Shepherd: 16”-22”
Basset Hound: 16”-22”
Bulldog American: 18”-24”
Bulldog English: 18”-24”
Boxer: 16”-22”
Collie: 18”-22”
Golden Doodle: 16”-22”
Golden Retriever: 16”-24”
Husky: 16”-22”
Pitbull American: 14”-18”
Labradoodle: 14”-20”
Labrador Retriever 18”-24”
Portuguese Water Dog: 15”-20”
Weimaraner: 16”-22”
Vizsla: 15”-22”

Bernese Mountain Dog: 20”-26”
Cane Corso: 22”-30”
Doberman Pinscher: 18”-24”
German Shepherd: 18”-24”
Rottweiler: 24”-30”
Great Dane: 20”-26”

To Use

Trim fasteners to fit your pet’s collar and attach.

Care Instructions

Wash separately in cold water.

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