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We be Rollin', Sushi

We be Rollin', Sushi

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Dive into the world of culinary cuteness with our "We Be Rollin', Sushi Pet Bandana" – a must-have accessory that brings a playful twist to your furry friend's style.

Introducing the "We Be Rollin', Sushi Pet Bandana" – a playful accessory that's perfect for your furry friend.
Our featured model, Oscar, exudes style in our large bandana. Oscar, an Australian Shepherd / Lab Mix weighing 59 lbs, showcases the charm of this design.
Designed with various breeds in mind, the Large size, once tied, comfortably fits necks up to 25”.

This size is tailored for Labs, Goldens, and even Great Danes. When spread open, it measures 33” in width and 9” in length at the point.

Delight in a quirky surprise by checking out the nutritional facts on the back of the package – catering to your cheesy cravings. This bandana comes exclusively packaged in our creative sushi containers, adding a touch of uniqueness to the experience.

But that's not all! We're thrilled to announce that our best-selling large size is now available in smaller variants to cater to a wider audience.
The Small size is perfect for pups weighing around 20 lbs, including breeds like Boston Terriers, Maltipoos, and Pugs. Tied, it accommodates necks up to 16”. When laid flat, it measures 23” in width and 7” in length at the point.
And for our tiny companions – small pups and yes, even cats – we've got the Tiny size. Because why should pups have all the fun? This size, once tied, fits necks up to 12”. Laid open, it measures 19” in width and 5” in length at the point.
Indulge your pet's sense of style and fun with the "We Be Rollin', Sushi Pet Bandana" – designed to make them the center of attention, no matter the size.


Crafted with care in Rhode Island, each of our 100% cotton bandanas is meticulously handmade and fully lined for ultimate comfort. The fabric patterns we offer are thoughtfully curated, ensuring even the most fashion-forward pups can express their unique style. Just like us, we believe our dogs appreciate good food, and this bandana captures that essence perfectly.

Size Chart

Chihuahua: 8”-14”
Chinese Crested: 8”-11”
Dachshund Mini: 8”-12”
Greyhound Italian: 8”-11” <
Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie: 6”-12”
Yorkshire Terrier Teacup, Yorkie Teacup: 4”-8”

Beagle: 12”-18”
Bichon Frise: 14”-18”
Boston Terrier: 12”-18”
Cairn Terrier: 10”-16”
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: 10”-16”
Dachshund Standard: 12”-16”
Golden Doodle Mini: 14”-16”
Havanese: 8”-14”
Jack Russel Terrier: 10”-14”
Labradoodle Mini: 12”-16”
Maltese: 10”-14”
Maltipoo: 10”-14”
Mini Schnauzer: 10”-16”
Papillon: 8”-12”
Pomeranian: 10”-14”
Poodle Mini: 10”-16”
Poodle Toy: 8”-14”
Shih Tzu: 10”-14”
Silky Terrier: 10”-14”
West Highland Terrier: 14”-16”

Afghan Hound: 16”-22”
Australian Shepherd: 16”-22”
Basset Hound: 16”-22”
Bernese Mountain Dog: 20”-26”
Border Collie: 14”-18”
Boxer: 16”-22”
Bulldog American: 18”-24”
Bulldog English: 18”-24”
Bulldog French: 12”-16”
Cane Corso: 22”-30”
Collie: 18”-22”
Corgi: 14”-16”
Dalmatian: 14”-20”
Doberman Pinscher: 18”-24”
German Shepherd: 18”-24”
German Shorthaired Pointer: 15”-17”
Golden Doodle: 16”-22”
Golden Retriever: 16”-24”
Great Dane: 20”-26”
Greyhound: 14”-18”
Husky: 16”-22”
Labradoodle: 14”-20”
Labrador Retriever 18”-24”
Pitbull American: 14”-18”
Portuguese Water Dog: 15”-20”
Poodle Standard: 12”-18”
Pug: 12”-16”
Puggle: 12”-18”
Rottweiler: 24”-30”
Scottish Terrier: 14”-20”
Shibu Inu: 14”-17”
Springer Spaniel: 14”-18”
Vizsla: 15”-22”
Weimaraner: 16”-22”

To Use

Carefully wrap around your pet's neck and gently fasten in place.

Care Instructions

Wash separately in cold water.

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