Lesley & Rob, Georgia

The treats from Lilly's Bone To Pick were so DEELISH!  Lily, Courtney, Poncho and Chance absolutely demolished treats within a few days!  Easy to chew for  my old lady Lily ( 13 years ) and great to freeze and store for a later  time. It’s a great treat to decorate/ dress up as well. We added a small  scoop of vanilla ice cream to celebrate the holidays and even used the  cookie to mask some medicines they had to take. LOVED IT!!!

Jason, California

When I gave Dewey and Gizmo Lilly's Bone to Pick, they acted even more puppier, 

Monique, California

Diva and Dolce go nuts for their special treats from Lillys Bone To Pick,  I love opening the cute packaging they come in and they love devouring them!  The minis are the perfect size for  smaller pups.

Jennifer, Florida

My Lizzy refused to eat regular treats 

after I gave her Lilly's Bone To Pick. 

Michael, Massachusetts

My well-behaved pup went crazy for these treats.

All her good manners went out the window when she smelled these treats.